Retail Pro Prism

Retail Pro Prism

This week, Retail Pro International along with Retail Information Systems completed an exciting round of beta-testing for Retail Pro Prism, the long-anticipated point of sale solution whose modular architecture offers unparalleled flexibility, ease-of-use, and a range of new possibilities for specialty retailers. Retail Pro Prism is Retail Pro’s latest retail management software. Retail Pro Prism POS marries Retail Pro Version 9′s comprehensive features with cutting edge thin-client architecture and improved flexibility on every level at the POS. Prism delivers outstanding agility, data security, accuracy, and operational control for specialty retailers with reduced hardware and technical support requirements.

Rather than employing a standard POS launch, which is typically managed from a more cautious, controlled environment, such as a lab, a single lane or kiosk, Retail Pro undertook a different approach. Confident in Retail Pro Prism’s ability to manage large volumes of transactions in time-pressured environments, Retail Pro along with Retail Information Systems commandeered an ambitious launch during a home game for a sold-out crowd of 26,000 fans for Major League Soccer team, the Houston Dynamo.

Throughout the day, Retail Pro Prism demonstrated its power and ease-of-use during the stadium launch. Retail Pro Prism comfortably managed an average of over 5 transactions/min without a single sales interruption, peaking at an 7-10 transactions/min during busy hours. After the start of the game, the majority of the Dynamo’s 1600 transactions took place during three primary rushes at the team store and satellite kiosks.

Perhaps most encouraging was the minimal training time required for the 12 cashiers managing the Dynamo’s lanes. All but two of the sales associates were on-call employees, unfamiliar even with the stadium’s former software, yet the entire staff was trained on Retail Pro Prism within 30 minutes (just prior to the gates opening), requiring minimal support through the busy day. These results were impressive as consumer traffic remained dense across the stadium throughout the day. The team store averaged lines of 30-40 customers in 4 lanes during each rush, with lines containing as many as 150 people waiting to shop. The team’s additional kiosks averaged lines of 50-60 customers per line at 2 separate locations in the stadium.

Many hours were spent on this project, and it’s success is directly attributed to the work of the technical staff of Retail Pro and Retail Information Systems. After the game, officials from the Houston Dynamo, Retail Pro International and Retail Information Systems were extremely pleased with Retail Pro Prism’s performance. Oh, and the Houston Dynamo defeated the Seattle Sounders 3-1!

Watch for more information on the release of Retail Po Prism.

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